Floyd’s 7-year-old daughter heard at Chauvin’s sentencing

George Floyd's 7-year-old daughter

(MINNEAPOLIS)— George Floyd’s 7-year-old daughter says she wishes she could tell her late father that “I miss you and I love you.”

Gianna Floyd’s video interview was played in court Friday during the sentencing hearing f or former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin, who is charged with murder and manslaughter in Floyd’s death.

Gianna Floyd said in the victim impact statement that she believed her dad was still with her in spirit and that she wants to know how he got hurt.

“We used to have dinner meals every single night before we went to bed,” she said. “My daddy always used to help me brush my teeth.”

She had a long list of things she would still have liked to do with her father. “I want to play with him, have fun, go on a plane ride.”

Hers was the first of four victim impact statements expected at the sentencing.

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