2 suspects in deadly Orem shooting now in custody

Sidney Ramon Rodriguez (Photo: Utah County Sheriff's Office)

Orem, UT (KUTV) — Police released the name of one suspect in a shooting in Orem that killed one victim and injured two others Wednesday night.

According to a probable cause statement, Sidney Ramon Rodriguez, 18, of Spanish Fork, was booked into jail on suspicion of murder, aggravated murder and obstruction of justice. His younger brother, an unnamed juvenile, was also arrested.

This comes after the younger brother of Rodriguez turned himself in to the police admitting to being the shooter after the suspected “drug deal gone bad”.

A recent affidavit of arrest stated the juvenile suspect said Sidney set up the drug deal with one of the victims through SnapChat.

When Sidney entered into the victim’s car to commence the deal Wednesday night, the juvenile allegedly came and pointed a rifle at the window, demanding the drugs and money.

One of the four victims grabbed the barrel of the rifle and in the struggle, shots were fired. One victim sustained injuries in the leg. The victim’s vehicle attempted to flee before the suspect pulled out a handgun and fired approximately 10 shots into the back of the fleeing vehicle.

The car fled to a nearby friend’s house before police arrived. Two victims were wounded and taken to the hospital. One died from his wounds.

The juvenile suspect turned himself into police where he described the events and admitted to being the shooter. He said his brother Sidney and the driver of the suspect’s car, identified as Chance, didn’t know he was going to attempt the robbery, according to the affidavit of arrest.

During the struggle with the rifle, the juvenile suspect said he lost control of it and it landed in the car. He noted he heard two additional shots fired from the rifle, feared for his brother Sidney, pulled out his handgun and shot the back of the victim’s car.

After some shots, the suspect said Sidney jumped out of the fleeing car with the rifle before the juvenile fired four additional shots at the car.

Sidney Rodriguez was found by Utah County Major Crimes and brought in for an interview after his younger brother turned himself in.

The probable cause statement said Rodriguez admitted to premeditated robbery but would not identify the shooter. When he was informed his brother had spoken to police, Sydney changed his story to match what his brother said – that he and the driver, Chance, did not know of the robbery.

Later, Sidney made comments that led police to believe he and his brother had planned the robbery that “wasn’t supposed to end with someone getting hurt.”