NEW DEVELOPMENTS: Body camera did not record second angle of deadly Salt Lake City police shooting

By: Michael Lucklear, KUTV
June 24, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (KUTV-2) — The Salt Lake City Police Department on Thursday released body camera video showing officers shooting and killing a man. The man had just allegedly stabbed a woman, and the footage shows he was charging at an officer with a knife in hand.

The video is clear, much clearer than most police shootings. However, a second body camera worn by the officer who was just feet from the suspect — Rezek Yahya, 39 — did not capture any video.

“The second officer was wearing a body camera,” the department wrote, “(and) at this time it is unknown why the video did not record.”

It could’ve been a training or technology error, said Chris Bertram, retired deputy police chief with the Unified Police Department.

“From the city’s perspective, administratively, they probably want to know why that camera didn’t work,” Bertram said, “and if it’s an operational or technology issue, they need to correct that because there’s an expectation those will work, every time.”

The video shows how quickly the situation escalated. About 20 seconds after the officer noticed a knife, he fired shots. During those 20 seconds, one of the officers told Yahya to “drop the knife” and “stop” several times while he sprinted toward the other officer, who tripped.

“They did a lot of things correctly,” Bertram said. “Splitting up, giving direct commands. It turns like that.”